092.Stefan Baltensberger

Stefan Baltensberger
Swiss New Media artist.

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netart by Stefan Baltensberger (CH)

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Java, Processing, html

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In the social process of alteration, not only the view of the human itself changes, but also the familiar and social structures.
Standardized solutions replace individual solutions and make global systems work on the one hand, on the other though, they segregate merciless societies and individuals who don’t fit into the norm.
In the artwork „baltensperger“ I use the language as a medium, that in my understanding gives identity since it is intuitively associated with regional identities. Computer codes epitomize the modern and standardized language.

I created my own programming language in my personal dialect. Thus, I extract the code from its original meaning to be global, standardized and functional, giving it a fragment of my local and personal identity.

netart by Stefan Baltensberger (CH)

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