036.Ethan Ham/Benjamin Rosenbaum

Ethan Ham
Benjamin Rosenbaum

Ethan is a sculptor and installation artist who often uses kinetics, electronics, and computers in his artwork.

Benjamin Rosenbaum is one of science fiction’s brightest stars.

Detailed biography

netart by Ethan Ham & Benjamin Rosenbaum

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Enter the work

Anthroptic is a collaboration between author Benjamin Rosenbaum and visual artist Ethan Ham. The project consists of a series of eight photos that were selected by a facial recognition software program from among the millions on flickr.com (a photo upload/sharing website).

The photos, uploaded by strangers to flickr.com, are ones in which the facial recognition program erroneously detected a face—something akin to how humans see shapes in clouds. The selected photos inspired interconnecting short stories by Benjamin Rosenbaum. The stories are read aloud by actors (and in a couple of cases, a computer text-to-voice program).

netart by Ethan Ham & Benjamin Rosenbaum

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