023.Marc Lee

Marc Lee
Swiss media artist

Marc Lee *1969 *Switzerland creates network-oriented interactive projects since 1999. Experimenting with information and communication technologies, his projects locate and critically discuss economic, political, cultural and creative “issue-clusters” that are essential for communication processes in digital networks.

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Oamos by Marc Lee (Switzerland)

Title: Oamos
year of production: 2008
used technology: Flash

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short work description:
At Oamos, we have a single mission: To play and discover content you’ll love – and nothing else.
Oamos questions search engines for uptodate news, images, synonyms, music and videos in relation to your topics. The content are streamed audiovisually more or less objective or entertaining, with or without sound, with or without links.

Oamos by Marc Lee (Switzerland)

Loogie.net  by Marc Lee (Switzerland)

Title: Loogie.net NEWS
Date of premiere: October 16, 2003
Author: Marc Lee

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“Be the first to know – watch Loogie.net”
«Loogie.net» presents the results of individual queries as if they were ongoing and up-to-date news messages. The automated news magazine consists of two autonomously functioning parts: «Loogie.net News», a news magazine in the Internet (www.loogie.net) and «Loogie.net TV», an interactive television program which can be shown as an installation or broadcasted by a TV organization.

«Loogie.net» is highly unusual in that it offers news messages and TV broadcasts compiled solely by computer algorithms without human intervention.
«Loogie.net News» is a personalized real-time online news magazine.
With Loogie.net an article can be arranged to your own discretion and you can infiltrate it with your own input. Thus words can be replaced in articles: Whether you let the pope beatify your favorite pop star instead of mother Theresa or you offering yourself to work as a negotiator for Palestine, it is open to you. The text will not only be read out and sent
away – it will also remain stored and be indexed by Google e.g. and in such a way it will misinform and confuse other users.

«Loogie.net TV» shows you the latest world news about the subjects you choose. By putting in keywords with a special remote control or by SMS you can determine which subjects will be shown on television and you will be presented with news fit to your specifications. Additionally, in a second step your TV program can be narrowed down and focused on your own main areas of interest. The content of the broadcast is searched in real-time on the internet and is seamlessly transitioned by the Loogie.net software.

Loogie.net  by Marc Lee (Switzerland)

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