Day 005 – Rebecca Young

Page 005 in Celebrate! is devoted to the net based project “Remembering Bogle Chandler” by the Australian media artist Rebecca Young.
Executed in Flash, the work is realted to a historical Bonny & Clyde story taken place in Australia in 1963.

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Day 003 – Qohtaiwoo

Celebrate! is featuring today an Asian artist from Hong/China – Qohtaiwoo.

It is remarkable, that after the re-unification of Hong Kong with China and the difficult situation of the freedom of media use, artists are allowed, at all, to use the Internet as an artistic platform and the sites and projects are available also to non-Chinese users without restrictions.

Although in fact works without an expressive obvious political message, the selected works have nevertheless a political message between the lines, and the use of the Internet medium has rather a metaphorical character.

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Day 002 – Natalie Perrin

The 2nd day is featuring the French artist Natalie Perrin who is living in Lausanne/Switzerland.

Her work targets digital interfaces, multishaped and hybrid knowledge, sharing of contents and production with computers. She focus on digital culture history, networks culture, free software communities, computer based artwork, gender studies and the dadaist practices.

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