101.Vesna Srnic

Vena Srnic

is professor of Art History and Literature. She teaches at the „New
media genres“ board at the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Culturology, integrating Media Art works and Online platform of Social Community

Detailed biography


netart by Vesna Srnic (Croatia)

year of production: 2009
used technology (software etc): Primary Multimedia: Movie maker, PowerPoint show at wordpress portal http://media-via.net/
required plug-ins: standard

Enter the work


Multimedia Art enables intensive conjugation of cognition and our “existential supportings”, thus it becomes suitable for creative education and life long learning. Postmodern “Christmas in Musical Pictures” is a Great Stroy of Christmas which was performed as a Primary Multimedia Art serialization, in 6 integrated sequences as musical pictures. Musical genres were chosen very precisely to challenge the effect of astonishment (1. Minimalistic music, 2. Baroque Music, 3. Atonal Music, 4. Jazz, 5. Traditional English Christmas carols, 6. Traditional Croatian Christmas carols).
Although the genres had been mixed, the result of the Performance was not a Kitsch, but rather the Postmodern Work of Art.
We claim the electronic media could not be the subject of classical aesthetics approach and its classical idea of the beauty, because of relativising that idea in the art through the opposite idea of “aesthetics of ugleness”. In valorizing the modern and contemporary art, it seems as more important to look for the idea of the “value”. Especially valuable is every effort to contribute the society, not only as the constructive work of art, but also as the avangard negation of useless forms and thoughts, not in anarchistic way, but in a sense of bringing the deconstruction of the existing to a possible, new world, while using artistic and scientific quality in the technical meanings of cybernetics or autocontrolled media available for the intensifying human integrity,
The Performance has been prepared in Croatia with 15 students of The Faculty of Teacher Education in Osijek, department in Slavonski Brod, at‘Multimedia Culture‘ Board, and with 15 primary school students of the Elementary school Ivan Goran Kovacic. It was performed in 2004, before Christmas, in a large theatre, as a Primary Multimedia Performance.

netart by Vesna Srnic (Croatia)

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