099.Yota Morimoto

Yota Morimoto

is a Japanese composer, sound artist born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, currently undertaking a research at The Institute of Sonology in The Netherlands.

Detailed biography

netart by Yota Morimoto (Japan)

title: bin2wav [v.0.1]
year of production: 2010
used technology (software etc): Processing
required plug-ins: Java (if not present, the internet browser will
prompt a link for download)

Enter the work

bin2wav [audio-visual, monoaural, 16:9 screen] is a machine that
autonomously computes data and renders the result as sound. its
internal binary state is represented in 10 rows of barcorde constantly
being updated. by clicking on the screen, the user can interrupt the
process and explore different computational conditions of the program.
the work tries to bring light to the mechanism and dynamics hidden in
our daily experience of using computers, through rendering flashing
binary patterns and audible pulses.

netart by Yota Morimoto (Japan)

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