007.Erika Lincoln

Erka Lincoln
Canadian electronic media artist

Erika Lincoln is an electronic media artist based in Winnipeg, Canada. Her interests lie in exploring how visual perception, memory, and behaviour play in navigating technologically permeated environments.

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Erica Lincoln (Canada)

title:Liquid Prairie
year of production 2007
used technology (software etc) Google Maps API, HTML

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short work description
Liquid Prairie chronicles a series of walks of the Red River Floodway between February 2007 and April 2007.

Follow the blue links in the Google Maps Infowindows to see the results of each walk. You can zoom in or out on the map with the + or – buttons located in the top lefthand corner. To see different parts of the landscape, click and drag the map with your mouse. If the Infowindow disappears click on the red marker and it will reappear. If you have wandered far from your starting place in Google Maps and cannot find the marker then just refresh or reload the page and you will be brought back to the Floodway.

Erica Lincoln (Canada)

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