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Mattieu Cherubini

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netart by Matthieu Cherubini (CH)

title:_ The Pursuit of Happiness
_year of production:_ 2010
_used technology:_ phishing, flash
_required plug-ins:_ flash player
_short work description: _
Facebook statistics on May 2010.

Enter the work

– More than 400 million active users
– Average user has 130 friends
– People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook

People exchange social relation every day in reality, why do they still need to exchange “virtual” social relations when they go back home ?
What is the purpose that people are seeking for by using this service for so many hours per day ?
Finally, Facebook is just an useful tool for burning time or people are really trying to find something via this website ?

/The Pursuit of Happiness/ attempts to explore those questions. In order to get that private aspect of the daily use of Facebook, hundreds of accounts have been hacked. Private messages of those accounts have been stolen and then analyzed.

netart by Matthieu Cherubini (CH)

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