091.Gonzalo Cueto

Gonzalo Cueto
Gonzalo Cueto. 1973, Chile. Master of Contemporary Art Theory and Practice by the U. Complutense de Madrid 2007.

detailed biography

netart by Gonzalo Cueto (Chile)

title: Paintings of the Araucania

year of production: 2009_2010
used technology (software etc)
API Google earth. JAVA, XML, feeds de Twitter, Picassa and Flickr.
required plug-ins Api google earth

Enter the work

Line map that explores different levels of intervention. Through visualizations referenced points or so. Own observation and reading lecterns information that account for state police abuses against children Chile the Mapuche ethnic group in the region of Araucanía.
Has in some displays markers in real time feeds from Picasa, Flickr and Twitter, which explore a panorama of labels and keywords that reflect the same conflict but from a randomness that sets an updated overview of the region explored. Are receiving contacts, information and collaboration to complete the map.
Markers in Spanish and English.

The project desterritory that hosts this online map, is in constant editing process also builds and develops maps 3 lines of similar considerations:
Latin America there
Pathmos Route
Solar image.

netart by Gonzalo Cueto (Chile)

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