087.Panayiotis Payiatis

Panayiotis Payiatis
is a 27 years old postgraduate student in the field of digital arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts and also an employee working as a web designer

detailed biography

netart by Panayiotis Payiatis (Greece)


year of production

used technology (software etc)
html, javascript, abode flash

required plug-ins
flash player 8 or higher

Enter the work

Online streaming video showing an actor holding his breath that is played in a loop and is accompanied by a counter that registers days, hours minutes and seconds of time online. The browser window becomes a physical border for the actor who seems to be pent. The action of holding his breath never finishes referring directly to the “here and now” state of the viewer matched against the “always and nowhere” state of the internet’s spectacle world.

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