006.Ida Julsen

Ida Julsen
Norwegian media artist
Ida Julsen (b. 1975) is exploring different systems and orders in relation
to nature and human conditions. Issues from the media world are put in
order and explored systematically and visually.

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Ida Julsen - Blinks

title: Blinks, part 1-4
year of production: 2008
used technology (software etc): HTML, JavaScript

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short work description:

“Blinks, part 1-4” is a net art project consisting 4 web animations made
with Java Script language. The work is exploring the relationship between
web animations and video. Video means “I see” and there are millions of
videos to be seen on the web. But can we say that moving images in a web
browser is video?

Videos can be made without use of a video camera and still have the
definition of a video. It is moving images one is seeing, stored as
signals on a tape, – digital signals. In web animations there are letters,
numbers and signs that constitute the basis. Digital signals are created
and played in the browser and showed as animations

In web animations one can view the page source and look at how the
animation is created.

“Blinks, part 1-4” is body mechanical blinks and blinks inspired from
natures changing seasons and climates.

Ida Julsen - Blinks

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