Jessica Westbrook
Adam Trowbridge

Interdisciplinary media artists.

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netart by Westbrook/Trowbridge (USA)

Title: AfterBirth Spectacular
xhtml, css, javascript, actionscript

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Building on the conceptual foundations brought forth through the works of psychologist Jacques-Marie-Émile Lacan and artist/writer Mary Kelly this project considers the current state of birth (distribution and reception) in its captured and deliverable form and the shifting sensitivities and expectations indicated through an abundance of vernacular media/dialogue published online. This project considers questions regarding: transparency, power, sexuality, demystification, media induced [false] memory, attraction/repulsion, game inclinations, biological/virtual experiences, empathy, and our relationships with the “natural” world.
AfterBirth Spectacular is networked based art because it invites users to participate in a birthing process through interactive video accessible on the web. The intention here is a visceral, interactive experience with a real, and intensely personal moment. A user can give birth – forward and backwards – scrubbing gesture. Though the ideas are complex, the actual experience will be simple (user friendly), strange (abject) and beautiful (rich).

netart by Westbrook/Trowbridge (USA)

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