074.Ayman Alazraq

Ayman Alazraq

is a Palestinan artist living in Oslo/Norway.

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netart by Ayman Alazraq (Palestine)

title: Gaza Airport
year of production: 2008
used technology (software etc): HTML language
required plug-ins: Non

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The Gaza International Airport art project I carried out in 2008 is
again a realization of my wish to express people’s frustration about
their stolen right of free movement. The idea stems from the strong
wish of an immigrant Palestinian of having his family to attend his
wedding in Oslo; something which has been impossible to happen
due to the political realities which impose travel ban on
Palestinians. The art project is an internet website coping with
modern technology reaching people worldwide and addressing
them by today’s language of online ticket order/purchase. The twin
project ‘Palestine Airways Limited’ realized in an art installation in
the Open Academy 2008 was to promote and market the total
project through a real setup of travel agency equipped with posters
and information sheets about the real original historical Gaza
Airport of 1937. Visitors of the exhibition could buy the actual
invalid tickets. The art project as a whole is a protest in a peaceful
ironic manner against the man-made doom of Palestinians who
have to struggle for the very basic means of living. By inviting
people to travel by “Palestine Airways Limited” and landing in the
“Gaza Airport” the artist is calling on people to learn the paradox,
and open their eyes on a human fair issue in a modernized world.

netart by Ayman Alazraq (Palestine)

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