072.Roberto Echen

Roberto Echen

-rechen- was born in Rosario, Argentina.
He is a self-taught artist. rechen has been showing his works in the field of painting, drawing, video, installation and since 1999 net-art at different single and collective exhibitions both in Argentina and abroad.

Detailed biography

netart by Roberto Echen (Argentina)

Homage to Albers’s Hommage to square

year of production 2010
used technology PHP5 JAVA (1.5)

required plug-ins
Java plugin enabled (system and browser)

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short work description
Homage to Albers’s Hommage to Square is a sort of dialog with the famous series by Josef Albers, and at the same time the acknowledgement of the great distance between the concepts of Albers’s time about shape and colour harmony and our concepts of chaos and randomization working on the same basic shape -the square- in an almost infinite number of different combinations that make it impossible for a viewer to find two that looks the same, even in the interactive version in which users may compose shapes themselves, varying the size of squares. Both versions are Java applets (version 1.5 was used to compile them).

netart by Roberto Echen (Argentina)

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