069.Mike Ruiz

Mike Ruiz

is an artist/curator living and working in Berlin. He completed his B.A. in Photography and Philosophy (double major) at St. Edward’s University, in Austin, TX (2007). A founding member of the Austin-based artist collective Totally Wreck Production Institute

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netart by Mike Ruiz (USA/Germany)

title – Blank is the New Blank
work URL – http://blankisthenewblank.info
year of production – 2010
used technology (software etc) – html, java
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100 “__ is the new __” found phrases taken from google searches, with keywords separated before and after “is the new”. A script was written that randomly displays each side of the phrase. The separated keywords appear randomly in the “is the new” phrasal template, creating new mixed phrases. There are 100 to 100th power possibilities.

netart by Mike Ruiz (USA/Germany)

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