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_Constant Dullart

has just finished his residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, with a practice focusing on contemporary image language at it’s dirtiest. Trained as a video artist, his work has recently focussed on the Internet and re-contextualizing found material. His works are widely discussed online.

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netart by Constant Dullaart (Netherlands)

title_ He CHOSE it
year of production_2010
used technology (software etc)_
required plug-ins_ recent browser

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Constant Dullaart’s suggesteddomain.com is a work of both Web art as well as contemporary art in which the artist frames as “readymade” a pair of immaterial objects—one an object in reference to the virtual space of the Web; the other an object in reference to the conceptual space of contemporary art.

On the one hand, the work is a web page titled “He CHOSE it” in which the artist depicts a looped series of 15 unique, link-generator websites temporarily-parked on so-called “empty” Web domains (these are Web domains whose index in the Web refers to nothing other than itself as a Web domain, or, as Brian Droitcour puts it in relation to Dullaart’s similarly-themed Readymades.net series, “sites where footprints come before the feet”).

These 15 automatically-looping Web domains are themselves each composed of two words separated by a period (or “dot”) which (when viewed through the temporal length of the series) complete (in a close paraphrase anyway) a quote (which itself opens with the Web page’s title “He CHOSE It”) which is attributed to the artist most often associated with the “invention” of the “readymade” (Marcel Duchamp) which reads:


netart by Constant Dullaart (Netherlands)

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