066.Dawid Marcinkowski

Dawid Marcinkowski

is a New Media artist and director from Torun/Poland.

Detailed biography

netart by Dawid Marcinkowski (Poland)


year of production: 2010
used technology (software etc): Adobe Flash
required plug-ins: Adobe Flash

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short work description:

Sufferrosa is a non-linear, interactive web-based movie.
Project is a satire of cult of beauty and youth in the present-day
world. It is one of the biggest experimental storytelling projects
combining video and the web (110 scenes, 3 alternative endings, 20
different locations, 25 actors)
Sufferrosa is inspired by Jean Luc Godard’s movie ‘Alphaville and
is a NON-COMMERCIAL artistic project.

netart by Dawid Marcinkowski (Poland)

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