065.Nanette Wylde

Nanette Wylde

is a conceptual artist, writer and cultural worker making socially reflective, language-based works generally in hybrid media.

Detailed biography

netart by Nanette Wylde (USA)

The Qi Project
year of production: 2008
used technology (software etc): Flash, Final Cut
required plug-ins: Flash player

Enter the work

short work description

The Qi Project is an inquiry into the nature of humanity and what it means to be human at this moment in time. I interviewed people in front of a camcorder, via postcard, email, website and telephone. The questions asked were “What does it mean to be human?” and “What is humanity?”

The Qi Project was conceived in 2005 after nine weeks of study and travel in China. The Project brings together nine years of video people watching, interviews in both written and video form, and welcomes audience participation in the gallery.

The Qi Project has four areas of engagement. Read. Write. Look. Listen.

‘Read’ contains written responses. These are displayed randomly, not linearly, so that I as creator of the project, am not establishing a hierarchy of importance/interest; and so that each visitor to the project receives a different experience of the content.

‘Write’ invites the visitor to contribute to the project. Contributions are added to the ‘Read’ database.

‘Look’ contains video of people moving through public spaces. Filmed on three continents.

‘Listen’ contains the audio portion of video interviews of people discussing humanness and humanity. These are played randomly.

netart by Nanette Wylde (USA)

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