064.Lisa Cianci

Lisa Cianci

is an artist from Melbourne, Australia.
Lisa produces work in both analogue and digital format, with her current focus on Internet-based dynamic, interactive art.

Detailed biography

netart by Lisa Cianci (Australia)

Colour Fields
year of production: 2010
used technology (software etc): Flash, HTML, JavaScript, CSS (JQuery)
required plug-ins Flash player 10 +, javascript enabled

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short work description

Colour Fields is a series of continuous flash animations using video, still image and AS3 code to manipulate visual content. The constantly changing blends and movement create animations that can play endlessly and may never have the same sequence of pixels twice.

The visual content is a combination of abstract and subtle figurative imagery taken from the blackaeonium archive project (link) exploring preservation of digital content and recombinant content creation.

This work also contains a new soundtrack “fishtank musicbox”.

netart by Lisa Cianci (Australia)

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