063.Calin Man

Calin Man

netart pioneer from Arad (Romania). Responsible for Kinema Ikon, an initiative of artists experimenting with media and moving images.
Winner of JavaMuseum Artists of the Year Award 2002.

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netart by Calin Man (Romania)

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MyAvatarYourAvatar Khalim is another krestanatz from reVoltaire archive. because i am too lazy to do something reasonable with this nonWalter Ego character, i invite you to take My Avatar and do whatever you want with him. for instance, choose some peculiar Second Life spot, take a snapshot and send the picture with your comments to the following address: avatar2142@gmail.com / from now My Avatar is Your Avatar.
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First Name: MyAvatarYourAvatar

Last Name: Khalim

Password: revoltaire

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netart by Calin Man (Romania)

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