061.David Boardman & Paolo Gerbaudo

David Boardman & Paolo Gerbaudo

Italian netartists between designing radical visions of urban developments and critical journalism.

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netart by David Boardman & Paolo Gerbaudo

(Under the sea)

year of production 2009
used technology (software etc)
PHP, Javascript
Google Maps APIs V.3
Simile Timeline Widget
Google Spreadsheets

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short work description
infondoalmar (Under the sea) is a mapping project charting the sinking and dumping of toxic and radioactive waste in the Mediterranean Sea during the last 30 years. Drawing on previous research and novel data originating from the archive “Casualty Returns” of the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping in London, the project highlights the extent of practices of illegal dumping in the Mediterranean, and provides tools for grassroots campaigning and investigation around this issue.

This interactive information visualization project aims at proposing web-based tools to construct a shared memory of the scandal and foster a participatory investigation on the suspected sinking and dumping of tons of radioactive and chemical waste in the Mediterranean Sea.

netart by David Boardman & Paolo Gerbaudo

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