055.Indira Montoya

Indira Montoya

was born in Argentina, in 1975. She got her first computer in 1986, and started pogramming since then. Musician for many years, studied violin in Argentina and Germany and performed in some major theaters in the late 80s. She has been on ther internet since the beginnings, starting with a small site on philosophy (thecry.com) and developed designing skills that later put her to work for the major business in her country.

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netart by Indira Motoya (Argentina)

title 1
MI BABILONIA ->arquetipos de mi yo

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Mi Babilonia
Mi babilonia is an inner trip that took me to find out
that the ‘other’ is a simple reflection of myself.
My visual poetry, drawings and photographs and the
connections I grasp between my own knowledge and the

netart by Indira Motoya (Argentina)

title 2
netart by Indira Motoya (Argentina)


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the (non) relationship between a premodern mother and her post modern daughter.

netart by Indira Motoya (Argentina)

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