051.Tirso Orive Liarte

Tirso Orive Liarte

Tirso Orive Liarte is a spanish visual artist and musician born in Barcelona.
He studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona.

Detailed biography

netart by Tirso Orive Liarte (Spain)

title astro en mi casa

year of production 2002 – 2009
used technology (software etc) macromedia flash 5 to adobe flash cs3 (ActionScript 1.0 to ActionScript 2.0)
required plug-ins flashplayer 9

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short work description
(an intract-ive, infinite, mutant and reversible piece. )
The piece is concieved as an infinite work in progress life project.
The aim is to lead the user into a computerized interaction
(or is it to come up the user to the ‘non interaction’?)
where a reasonable paradox’ world is shown by a randomly
but synchronized and polycentric structure
in which are arranged/messed up a bunch of my own/unkown myths.

netart by Tirso Orive Liarte (Spain)

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