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dlsan” is the automatically generated nickname given by my first Internet Provider in 1998.

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netart by DLSAN (Italy)

work title Deserto del garda (Garda Desert)
year of production july 2007
used technology html/flash/xml/php

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in the year 2067 Garda Desert proposes camel caravans to through the greatest extinct italian lake – Book now your holiday!

netart by DLSAN (Italy)

LoveWords (2004) :

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a short work description
Words of love or triviality? Scenes of sex or pornography? A new work of Dlsan (alias KidKoma) is on line in the new MediaTheatre section.
The emotionality managed from the Reality Show, the onanistic use of SMS, like substitutes of one emotional, oral, visual, tactile and sinestetic wealth in via of extinction.
The visitor could contribute with one ‘ classic’ phrase to the same work. Best phrases will be added in the data base.

netart by DLSAN (Italy)

The Land Open project
Year 2003

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Earth land soil ground territory domain free-zone nation country borders.

63 artists have send their contribution, from January 2002 to January 2003, to The Land Open Project, a free partecipation project promoted on Kid Koma – www.dlsan.org.
The 2001’s disasters caused a general and extended hiding behind terms such as “nation” and “patriotism”: terms which together with “faith” produced slogans advertising the most bloody and cruel slaughters of the history.
Can the relationship between “country” and “land” be defined as virtual?
Can the contemporary human being, more and more engaged in virtual and mediating territories, preserve such concept and the relationship with earth?
How does the territory perception develop itself in the virtual space?
Originated by a social-political reflection, such as “land”, this open space started to collect and search proposals of several artists based on various specialties and countries.
The works alternates both old and new-media figurative arts, experiences related to nomadism, immigration, urban collusions/collision, geographical/archaeological/interior journeys, soil presence/absence, use of new technologies for the exploration of real territories – from digital domain to virtual identity – in a gallery of continuous reflecting parentheses about this antithetic topic such as “soil” and “virtual”.

netart by DLSAN (Italy)

netart by DLSAN (Italy)

Year: 2002

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A scenario using the lyrics by Shakespear

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