044.Santo File

is a memegenic guerrilla group. Its main aim is to use new media to develop a vision of life as a fight between memes and genes. This is expressed in a multidisciplinary manner (by means of low-tech net.art, music, video…)

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work 1
netart by Santo File (Spain)

title X_Reloaded
year of production 2005
used technology (software etc) Text editor + Photoshop

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short work description

This work was developed during the 500th aniversary of the publication
of Don Quixote. (2005) It plays with the co-development of two
diferent big memes that year: The book itself and the “alternatives to
copyright” meme (copyleft, creative commons, priacy, apropiationism)
and its applications to digital art.
X_Reloaded offers “interpretations” of a short segment of Don Quixote,
as if depicted by different authors like JODI, Olia Lialina, Barbara
Kruger, William Burroughs, El Lissitzki, Tony Scott or Ferran Adrià.
Besides that “als ob” game, X Reloaded is an homage to the remix
culture and appropiationism, which we consider a basic characteristic
of good net.art nowadays.

netart by Santo File (Spain)

netart by Santo File (Spain)

Title: Noise_Inside

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a revision from new
media and memetic gender personalities of Duchamp’s ready-made “a
secret noise” (net.art)

netart by Santo File (Spain)

Title: Borderhack

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a violation of the
virtual space of the user to show him/her how hard memetic frontiers
can be. (net.art)

work 4
netart by Santo File (Spain)

Title: DJ El ñino

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An artificial personality which expresses emotions with music (software.art)

work 5
netart by Santo File (Spain)

Title: G.U.N.

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Semantic network exposing several memes related to the concept of work and its revision in the virtual world. (net.art)

work 6
netart by Santo File (Spain)

Title: Mantra Mandala

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net.op.art and psychoacustics (net.art)

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