041.Henri Gwiazda

Henri Gwiazda & Reed Peiffer

Henry Gwiazda is a new media artist whose past work has included virtual audio and sound art. He lives and works in Fargo, North Dakota.

Detailed biography

netart by Henri Gwiazda (USA)

title “I’ve got nowhere to go”
year of production 2005
used technology (software etc) Flash, Quicktime, Final Cut Pro

Enter the work

short work description
The interactive section asks the visitor various questions, some very personal, about their lives and what is important to them. They are also asked to perform certain activities and download excerpts from my new media work and sound art/music which reinforce the aesthetic of the site. Because my work is about the choreography of all reality (light, sound, gesture) and their interrelationships, the site encourages visitors to look, pay attention and observe.

The visitor can also upload an image of themselves which the site develops graphically in the style of my work. At the end of the questions(Summary) all of the answers the visitor gave are combined and one is asked to confront their own concept of meaning.

netart by Henri Gwiazda (USA)

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