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Reginald Brooks

Born in the San Francisco bay area, Reginald Brooks mostly grew up in and around LA. College and post-graduate work (MS, incomplete) at Oregon State University was followed by one-year study and certification as a Medical Technologist in Portland, OR.
After five years as a medical research specialist, he made, at age 30, the leap to become a full-time visual artist…drawing, painting and sculpting…was made and continues to this day.

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netart by Reginald Brooks

title: B U T T E R F L Y P R I M E S ~P r e j u d i c i a l N u m b e r s~
year of production: 2006
used technology (software etc): Made on a PC (Windows) using CorelDraw, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and javascript.

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This is a multi-dimensional work that confronts the viewer head-on with what looks to be graphical unfolding into the process of investigative mathematics…that it is. In the process…within the process of every investigation…is the inherent prejudice of the investigator (Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle). Simultaneously the prejudice of the prime numbers and the prejudice of the investigators is revealed. Carry on!

The actual white papers which support the mathematics in this work are referenced linked at the bottom and are intimately part of…although a challenging dimensional pursuit for some…of the total new media experience!

netart by Reginald Brooks

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