028.Carlo Sansolo

Carlo Sansolo

is a video artist from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, who showed in works on many festivals inside and outside of Brazil. Together with Erika Frenkel, he is also the organiser of prog:ME – Electronic Art Festival in Rio – 1st edition in 2005.

Detailed biography

netart by Carlo Sansolo (Brazil)

title Art Conquest
year of production 2008
used technology (software etc) Flash

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It is a videogame art piece, that intends to place the player in the situation of the artist and artist curator, in a Playful manner, the player confronts in a Playful way diverse dramas and realistic situations, though they don´t seem to be that realistic.

netart by Carlo Sansolo (Brazil)

netart by Carlo Sansolo (Brazil)

year of production: 2007
used technology (software etc) : plain html, plus php

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This work tries to guide the neophyte to penetrate in this beautiful world of contemporary art, with a big amount of tips, and shortcuts to reach the ultimate gol: success.

Technique and strategy
This is actually a remix of texts made by artists and curators, and tries to emulate the diverse aproaches to the art phenomena.
The texts were translated by an automatic translator.

It works as an I-Ching for artists that are looking for messages that may help them in pursuit a carrer.

netart by Carlo Sansolo (Brazil)

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