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Aleksandar Janicijevic

Aleksandar was born and educated in Beograd, former Yugoslavia and relocated to Canada in 1993. He graduated Architecture and Design from University of Beograd, and continued his education after relocation to Canada with numerous certified courses, workshops and seminars. His experience in Architecture, Art, Photography and Graphic and Multimedia Design was recognized by Seneca College and in 1996 he was employed in the Media Production Department. From 1998 until 2006 he was working in the Centre for New Technologies in Teaching and Learning at Seneca College.

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Urban Squares by Aleksandar Janicijevic (Canada)

title = urban reArt [1-5]
year of production = 2008
used technology =
01. digital camere = panasonic DMC LX2
02. kaidan = panoramic head
03. PTGui = stiching softtware
04. Adobe Photoshop = retouching, resizing and some effects
05. Adobe illustrator = 3D models, some effects
06. Pano2VR = converting to QuickTime VR format
07. AdobeGoLive = html composition

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urban reArt [1-5]
I am having in mind latest trend to reConnect in the global community and my wish is to take the role in the reDevelopment phase of human civilization that is in front of us. I am hoping that this peace will be among the ones taking place in exploratory reArt. Art rediscovered, renewed and reused, interventions that are extending heritage art experiences. Art that goes beyond one discipline, art that will spread between cultures and political systems, time and space. Art that is looking for advantages of contemporary technology and involvement and participation of the viewers.
Public urban square is nucleus of all the communities and everybody is using it voluntary or otherwise. We are now facing urbanization of over 60% of world population. My interest in urban morphology and social integration was always present in my work and this attempt to bring new meaning and interpretation of language of urban space is for me natural step forward.

Urban Squares by Aleksandar Janicijevic (Canada)

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