016.Jeremy Hight

Jeremy Hight

is a US new media/locative media/sound/text artist and writer.
His work has been shown in museums and festivals internationally and in
the physical world.

Detailed biography

netart by Jeremy Hight
work: globtxt
year of production:2008
used technology (software etc):(blog,photo retrieval software,manual erasure)

Enter the work here

short work description:
“blog” that has been imploded and only images remain from multiple feeds
from photo sites online through blog program from the words that are no
It is an attempt to implode the blog aesthetically,formally and in
functionality yet retain its semiotics and a sense of narrative from
instead of its usual tropes instead images pulled randomly from public
database sites in place of what would have been written/said..ephemerality
yet structure, form and narrative yet erasure and null spaces…

netart by Jeremy Hight
work: nothing at all (here)
year of production:2007
used technology (software etc):(blog)

Enter the work here

short work description:
A detailed autobiography of who I never came to be, this ‘blog’ is at once
about erasure and questioning the blog and is deeply personal. Using half
formed images, blank spaces in photos of what never developed as though
they are the usual blog artifacts, the work also looks at that space in
between. These are not fictions or impossibilities written in absentia as
quaintly distant, but directions and lives that at certain points were
where things were heading. This means that as each was incrementally moved from in those little decisions in a day or month in a life over time that they really, in a sense will still remain, tethered, possible, in

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