015.Carmen Olmo

Carmen Olmo Terrasa
Born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Works and lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Artist studio: Barbara Ellmann Studio, New York, EEUU
Encaustic Workshops. June 2006 – Sagrado Corazón, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Impact publicity in visuals. April 2004 – Pratt Institute, New York, EEUU

Detailed biography

Module_Suck by Carmen Olmo Terasa (Puerto Rico)

– title: “Taboo: Module_Suck”
– year of production: 2008
– used technology (software etc): HTML and Adobe Flash

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– short work description :
A continuos investigation of every taboo theme in our society using different media in visual arts. This one consists in few video clips which I connect with sound and texts that I have found in Google using specific key-words. Then I construct a hole new story with “virtual” founded objects. Then I ask the visitor of what is real, what is the connections of what they see. What I presented or what they connect in their minds?

Module_Suck by Carmen Olmo Terasa (Puerto Rico)

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