013.Marcello Mercado

Marcello Mercado

Born in 1963, is italian – argentine and lives in Brühl, Germany.
He works interdisciplinary with paintings, videoart, bioart, objects,
installations, soundart and netprojects.

Mercado´s work is based on a relationship between biology, technology and art.

Detailed biography

Marcello Mercado

Title How does the Inconsistence work, practically?
year of production 2007
used technology: Javascript, Flash
Browsers: Firefox 3.0 or + /Explorer 5 or + /Flash plug-in 7 or +

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short work description
Abstract-logic project that dialogues with inconsistence in semantic
web.03. It is about 36 Points of conflict in satisfy the requests of people
and machines in the use of web content (more or less wikipedia dixit)
Abstracts RDFs (Resource Description Framework), RDL/XML, N3, N-Triples etc
Lecture´s Direction (Visceversa): From Point 36.the field of battle becomes
two fold to Point 01.poor Law Guardian and Virus-regulator. Metacraps,
metaphors, meta-data, learning and broken links.

Marcello Mercado

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