Xname is a media artist and performer born in Milan.
After classical studies she moved to Bologna, where she studied painting at the Fine Art Academy of Bologna with pop/informal artist Concetto Pozzati. In Bologna she has been influenced by the mutoid tecno movement and the early Italian pirate television network. She was also member of TPO/videoLab.

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title : The best of Spam
The Best of Spam by Xname

year of production: 2007/20008 (work in progress)
used technology: wiki (oddmuse-free open source)

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I know i am vicious, i collect spam. The best of spam.

Lately i noticed spam is growing. A new generation of no-sense spam is also invading email boxes and capturing general information. They often give me the impression of a delirious post trip talk, when everything makes sense while if you think of it the meaning disappears like a shadow. Dreams, visions and reality are just the same. And you keep seeking the point where everything will be revealed. As you move, the imaginary worlds are sliding, and you render the first thing to understand is there is nothing to understand.

The net, overwhelmed by drugs and information, starts spiting out a last non-sense complain.

The Best of Spam by Xname

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