010.Adam Trowbridge

Adam Trowbridge
US media artist

Adam Trowbridge is a manner of speaking, focused on artistic research
that fractures the intersection of sensation and cognition.

Detailed biography

netart by Adam Trowbridge (USA)

title: snstncntnrs
year of production: 2007
used technology (software etc): XML, EDL

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Outside there is something opening, we watch. What did happen?
Utilizing the chance operations of broken telematic machines to
scramble and reorganize a fictional reality, frame by frame,
snstncntnrs is an open video project in the form of files that include
a set of cuts described in a EDL and Final Cut Pro XML file. These
cuts can be applied to any video using video editing applications. The
video basis of snstncntnrs is here:
snstncntnrs has been used by Brook Hinton., video here:
http://www.brookhinton.com/temporalab/?p=39 and Jennifer Proctor,
video here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Hu69fjnLsbk

netart by Adam Trowbridge (USA)

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