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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Day 204 – Lisa Cianci


“Celebrate!” invites you to stroll around in the Australian colour fields of Lisa Cianci !! Enter the Journal page here

Day 203 – Calin Man


Again avatars are cruising around, but it’s not clear it’s you, it’s me?! “Celebrate” may give an answer via Calin Man’s latest netart work in 2nd Life. Enter the Journal page here

Day 202 – Tamar Schori & Oded Perry


Let’s again enter the game, Tamar Schori & Oded Perry prepared for “Celebrate!.. Enter the Journal page here

Day 201 – David Boardman & Paolo Gerbaudo


Today Celebrate! is diving deeply in the Mediterrenan Sea exploring all the garbage sunken ships were producing during the past 30 years. Cheerio! – Infondoalmar by David Boardman & Paolo Gerbaudo. Enter the Journal page here

Day 200 – Evelin Stermitz


After taking some deep breath Celebrate! is back inviting you today to explore the cosmos of cyber feminism, the World Of Female Avatars by the Austrian Evelin Stermitz. Enter the Journal page here