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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Day 049 – Gaya Gajewska


Join a cruise through London’s Battersea Park by following Gaya Gajewska today’s feature on Celebrate! Enter the Journal page

Day 048 – 80/81


Divers aspects of landscape and ecology are joiníng the “island 80/81”, a netart context by the Italian group “80/81”. Celebrate! is featuring three different forms of landscape today – the dune, – the valley, – the wood! Enter the Journal page

Day 047 – MEZ


Celebrate! is not only featuring today a very particular artist, but also a most particular language, a new poetic language and an individual loanguage of netart: MEZ – Mary Anne Breeze Enter the Journal page

Day 046 – DLSAN


Celebrate! is featuring today the work by the Italian netartist DLSAN offering a critical view on human behaviour, society, ecology and other essential issues. Enter the Journal page

Day 045 – J.R. Carpenter


The Canadian artist JR Carpenter classifies her net based work as “electronic literature”, and indeed it is referring visually to countless details which all get a their meaning in the interactive context. In íts best sense, she is telling stories going into unexpected directions. Let’s Celebrate! Enter des Journal page

Day 044 – Santo_File


Look how a memegenic guerilla group is celebrating netart! Santo_File (Spain) today on Celebrate! Enter the Journal page

Day 043 – Julian Konczak


Julian Konczak, the UK artist describes his works as personal (virtual) journeys through the physical world surrounding him. Celebrate! is accompanying him for today! Enter the Journal page

Day 042 – Michael Takeo Magruder


Dealing with memory as a collective process via networks, that might be the essence of the netart works by Michael Takeo Magruder featured today on Celebrate!. Enter the Journal page

Day 041 – Henri Gwiazda


A truely interactive work is today featured on Celebrate! , Henri Gwiazda’s (USA) work “I’ve got nowhere to go”. Find out more about your personal experiences. Enter the Journal page

Day 040 – Christophe Bruchansky


Celebrate! today: Christophe Bruchansky uses the interactivity of his net based works for expressing and manifesting philosophical ideas composed with a lyrical component, resulting a diversity of exciting works Enter the Journal page

Day 039 – Lily & Honglei


Lily & Honglei are Chinese artists living in New York, who cover a wide range of different new media in contemporary art by returning to the roots of their origine, the result is very individual artistic expression. Celebrate! is featuring their “Celebrations” on Second Life. Enter the Journal page

Day 038 – Jihyun Ahn


Creating a good and substantial animated movie represents already a challenge, since a lot of skills are needed, the same is good for creating an interactive film for the net, combining both, thus creating an interactive animated film represents a brave experiment in any case. Celebrate! is presenting such a successful experiment by the South […]

Day 037 – Adele Prince


Today, the British netartist Adele Prince ist featured on Celebrate! Enter the Journal page

Day 036 – Ethan Ham/Benjamin Rosenbaum


Enjoy the new week by interacting in Celebrate!’s new feature created by the artists collaborative Ethan Ham and Benjamin Rosenbaum. Enter the Journal page

Day 035 – Kattay Vandenberghe


Typical for netart is a collaborative working, often different artists from different disciplines try to bundle their creative powers this way. Celebrate! is taking a look today to South Africa where Katty Vandenberghe is practicing collaboration in two presented works with Chris Diedericks and Janine Lewis. Enter the Journal page

Day 034 – Ian Flitman


Celebrate! is featuring today two pieces by Ian Flitman (UK) who is uses the net for his interactive adaptive media narratives. What this concretely means show both works in different ways. Enter the Journal page

Day 033 – KPHB – Philippe Bruneau


French netart is often identified with conceptual work, KPHB – Philippe Bruneau belongs to this category. Celebrate! gives a small overview over some older pieces from the early times of netart as well, as points to more recent work Enter the Journal page

Day 032 – Osvaldo Cibils


Celebrate! is featuring today Osvaldo Cibils, an artist from Uruguay living in Northern Italy whose focus is on soundart and its relation to designed (drawn) environment. Enter the Journal page

Day 031 – AND-OR & Johannes Auer


AND-OR & Johannes Auer is a Swiss-German collective dealing primarily with text as the basis for their net creations, this may lead to net literature or generative compositorial manifestations like the feature work “Searchsongs” on Celebrate! Enter the Journal page

Day 030 – York Is Us Collective


Celebrate! is celebrating an political strick as an art action tkaen place in Toronto’s York University. The actors were and are a collective of activists – by name – York Is Us Collective which was organising the strike via the Internet. Enter the Journal page