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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Day 021 – Jing Zhou


Although in China does not exist a consequent focus on netart due to the lack of freedom of expression in word and art, artists of Chinese origine, studying outside of China show again and again a good affinity to netart and the use of technology and software. Jing Zhou represents such an example on Celebrate! […]

Day 020 – Chris Basmajian


Celebrate! is presenting today an example of a video game executed in Flash by the California based media artist Chris Basmajian. Enter the Journal page

Day 019 – Aleksandar Janicijevic


Celebrate! is featuring today Aleksandar Janicijevic, who emigrated 1993 from Serbia to Canada, focussing his netart work on the urban behaviours´. His plplatform “Urban Squares” sets urban contexts in relation to each other. Enter The Journal page

Day 018 – Mark Cypher


Generative art works belong to the fundamental representations forms of netart. “Gardenus” by Mark Cypher is such an excellent example executed in “Director”. Enter the Jourmal page

Day 017 – Alan Bigelow


The US artist Alain Bigelow has found an original way to use Flash in a diversity of use and representation, always challenging und surprising. So, best to be presented on Celebrate! Enter the Journal page here

Day 016 – Jeremy Hight


Jeremy Hight is using the blog medium as a tool for artistic expressing. Celebrate! is spotlighting today two work examples. Enter the Journal page

Day 015 – Carmen Olmo


Carmen Olmo Terasa, the Puerto Rican media artist is a guest today on Celebrate!, showing that netart is again and again a context young Latin American artists see a lot of perspectives in. Enter the Journal page

Day 014 – Isabel Aranda Yto


Celebrate! is featuring today Isabel Aranda Yto from Chile, a new generation of Latin American artists using the technological possibilities of digital art as a way to communicate and participate in a global contemporary art expressions. Enter the Journal page here

Day 013 – Marcello Mercado


Celebrate! is featuring today the work of an artist from the neighbourhood, Marcello Mercado, a conceptual media artist with a multi-national orgin (Argentine/Italian living in Germany). Enter the Journal page

Day 012 –


Celebrate! – is celebrating netart by featuring , a pioneer of Internet based art, whereby the Internet itself and associated phenomenons are the topics the artist group which is cooperating in divers constellations of involved authors is active in. Enter the Journal page

Day 011 – Xname


The most popular Internet related term is “SPAM” whereby it is interesting, how this term found entrance in the daily language of people. Xname, the Italian media artist takes Spam as a cultural phenomeon and the user is invited to research. Enter the Journal page here

Day 010 – Adam Trowbridge


Today, Adam Trowbridge and his Internet based work snstncntnrs are featured on “Celebrate!”, an open video project in the form of files that include a set of cuts described in a EDL and Final Cut Pro XML file. Sounds complicated, but is fascinating! Enter the Journal page here

Day 009 – Michael Cousin


Michael Cousin found his personal way to create an artistic online portal for moving images, entitled: “Outcasting”. He composes regularly compilations of filmand videos in an online program, which now and then is als presented in offline screenings. Outcasting does not only represent a context for presenting artistic creations, but it is creating art itself, […]

Day 008 – Jose Vieira


The 2nd week starts with idea to create a virtual art work as a virtual museum for virtual art. This idea is carried by the project on UAVM” by the Portuguese artist Jose Vieira who is dealing with the anonymity of the environment where this virtual museum is acting and is consequently also with the […]

Day 007 – Erika Lincoln


Today, Erica Lincoln, the electronic media artist from Canada is using Google maps on her work “Liquid Prairie” placing her home in the global context. Enter her Journal page

Day 06 – Ida Julsen


Today, Celebrate! is featuring the project “Blinks” by the Norwegian artist Ida Julsen. Enter her Journal page

Day 005 – Rebecca Young


Page 005 in Celebrate! is devoted to the net based project “Remembering Bogle Chandler” by the Australian media artist Rebecca Young. Executed in Flash, the work is realted to a historical Bonny & Clyde story taken place in Australia in 1963. Enter the journal page here

Day 004 – André Sier


Celebrate! is featuring today four works by the Portugues artist- André Sier. All of them use the Java based programming of “Processing” drawing a world out in Space. Go to his Journal Page

Day 003 – Qohtaiwoo


Celebrate! is featuring today an Asian artist from Hong/China – Qohtaiwoo. It is remarkable, that after the re-unification of Hong Kong with China and the difficult situation of the freedom of media use, artists are allowed, at all, to use the Internet as an artistic platform and the sites and projects are available also to […]

Day 002 – Natalie Perrin


The 2nd day is featuring the French artist Natalie Perrin who is living in Lausanne/Switzerland. Her work targets digital interfaces, multishaped and hybrid knowledge, sharing of contents and production with computers. She focus on digital culture history, networks culture, free software communities, computer based artwork, gender studies and the dadaist practices. Go to her Journal […]